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Eco-Friendly Cake Box

Dishwasher and microwave safe, suitable for freeze or fridge use, your Cake Box is easy to carry for all events and will become your dessert's best food friend forever. Compatible with all type of desserts, cookies, cakes, pies, pastries,puddings and even ice creams.

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Dishwasher safe and microwave safe

Lightweight and durable, your Cake Box made of polypropylene allow you to use it and use it again. You could use your Cake Box in microwave oven and once unfolded, you could clean it thanks to its ultra-flat design.

The Eco-friendly Cake Box is easy to set-up and store

Your foldable Cake Box is easy to set-up thanks to its snap buttons. 3 snap buttons available: grey, pink and yellow.

The Eco-friendly Cake Box may also be a two-in-one Cake box

Supplied with removable Inner tray. You could easily serve your cakes or pastries to your guests thanks to its removable inner tray or transform your cake box into a two-in-one cake box. 

Be careful, your Cake Box is not watertight for liquids.

Height 9,5 cm
Width 22 cm
Net weight 200 g
Length 20,5 cm
Capacity 3500 cc
Color blanc
Materials Snap buttons polyoxymethylene
materials Container Polypropylene
Removable Inner tray Included

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