BENTO BOX SQUARE- Eco Friendly Lunch box

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Eco-Friendly two-in-one Lunch Box

Easy to carry to your office, at friends' houses or for any events, you could bring your meals wherever you want thanks to your Bento Box. This two-in-one Lunch Box is  easy to pack a variety of foods and keep them separate thanks to its removable divider.

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Foldable, dishwasher and microwave safe Lunch Box.

Easy to clean one unfolded, easy to fold and store. Suitable for your prepared dishes for all occasions except of soups or other liquids as this Lunch box is not watertight.
Reheat it into the microwave and store your Bento Box into your fridge or freezer. Use Temperature between -20°c to 140°c. Supplied with dividers.

Height 5 cm
Width 8 cm
Length 18,5 cm
Materials Container, Lid, Dividers Polypropylene
Materials Snap buttons polyoxymethylene
Materials Band rayon, polyester

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